As for today 28/11/2016 all fundraising has Stop If you see any one trying to sell Sell Ticket or Wristbands please call the Police as there not working for 1st Knight Military Charity.

Fundraiser Information

With our new in-house fundraising strategy; 100% from the sale of merchandise will go directly to the charity. Unfortunately, not 100% of this money will be profit but all profits will go directly to the charity. The costs to setup these fundraising activities will now be borne by the charity, this includes, stock, merchandise, travel, accommodation and the rental costs of the space we are using plus wages. Although we now incur all costs, this means we can benefit from a much higher percentage. In addition, I can confirm that 1st Knight Military Charity has no paid trustees.

For more Information on the Fundraising please email  or phone 01245 93 49 49 



You can make a complaint by contacting 1st Knight Military Charity either by telephone our head office and speaking with one of our advisors or by emailing us at alternatively by writing to us at:

1st Knight Military Charity

16 St Annes Road



If you contact us via email or in writing please provide us with full details of your complaint.  If we require further information we will notify you using your preferred method of contact.

If you choose to contact us by phone please have the details of your complaint available.

We commit to handling any complaints quickly, seriously and confidentially.

If you make a complaint by telephone and your complaint needs to be looked into further, you may be asked to put your complaint in writing.  We accept anonymous complaints, but it is often very difficult to investigate these properly.  It is easier for us to handle your complaint if you provide as much detail as possible.

We will give an initial response to your complaint within five working days.  If the matter is urgent, we will respond more quickly.  We will investigate your complaint fairly.  This means that we will discuss the complaint with all the relevant people.  We will try to gather any information that may be relevant to handling your complaint.

Sometimes we will ask to show copies of information from the investigation to other people to allow them to respond.  This is because we believe in fairness and openness.  We will not share information if we think that this will endanger someone’s safety or welfare.

If no issue for complaint is found then the case will be closed.

If we find an issue for complaint you will be given the details of a person who will be your point of contact.  That person will make sure that you understand the process, and will help to answer any questions or concerns that you have.  You will be given an update on the progress of your complaint every two weeks.  If there are delays in handling your complaint for any reason, we will keep you informed.  If your complaint leads to formal disciplinary action against someone, we will usually inform you about the outcome.  We will not tell you the outcome if we believe that telling you would create a risk to other people.  In this situation, we will still try to tell you about how you are affected by the action that we have taken.

If you are not happy with the way we have dealt with your complaint, you have the right to refer your complaint to the Fundraising Regulator by visiting and following their independent complaints procedure.