Have PTSD? Need a Respite at Casa Con Buena Vista, a Country House, in Cehegin Spain? We offer Free Flight and Accommodation in our self-contained apartments. This offer is open to Our Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors. For more information email : info@1stknightcharity.com

Peter Ireland  2 Week Stay at the Respite in Spain

Miss Olive G Wilson 4 Week Stay at the Respite in Spain

Andy Neale, 1st Knight Charity replace fence around he back garden

John Kelly 1 Week Stay at the Respite in Spain

Reg Gill and Carer 1 Week Stay at the Respite in Spain

Just sent a food parcel to a veteran Albert with PTSD in Croydon if there is any one in the Croydon area that can help him.
please let us know.

Update on a Veteran here in Blackpool name Carl down on his luck, with no money and need to be out of where he was living.. but today we set him up with a place to live and some money, We will keep you all updated on Carl over the next weeks ..

April 2016 Today we met Karl a Afghan Veteran and his wife in Stanningley near Leeds he’s just moving in to a house with no Furniture etc we have given them Cooker, fridge,TV wardrobes, dinning table and chairs. their still looking for some carpets if anyone in there area can help please email me at info@1stknightcharity.com

May 2016 Today we met and helped a Afghan Veteran P Peevers he needed some money for train fare and food.

A massive thank you to Andy, Janet and Stuart for a great week in Spain. It was not something I was able to do myself, but Andy arranged it all, I literally had to do nothing, and it was all paid for by the generosity of the charity and donors. It helped with my PTSD on several levels, as well as giving me a much needed respite. Janet is a fantastic woman, and provides a welcoming, safe and relaxing environment for a break from the real, and sometimes, unreal world. I can’t thank you enough.

July 2016 Warren B a Afghan Veteran in Bolton moved in to new house with no furniture we supple fridge, cooker, Beds, etc

21/07/2012 Meet Lyn Rigby today with a Donation for The Lee Rigby Foundation Limited, Charity Number ( 1166794 ) We at 1st Knight Military Charity hope this help’s with there Charitable Objects.

16 Aug 2016 Warren B a Afghan Veteran in Bolton food parcel from Tesco

Aug 2016 ( ARMY Scots Guards )  J Grant 1 Week Stay at the Respite in Spain

Aug 2016 ( ARMY  ) R Hoogendijk 1 Week Stay at the Respite in Spain

Sep 2016 ( ARMY  )  C Freeman. 1 Week Stay at the Respite in Spain

Sep 2016 ( ARMY  ) D Hannan . 1 Week Stay at the Respite in Spain


Disability in the UK

There are around 11 million disabled adults, this includes limiting long standing illness. This is equivalent to 20 % of the population 

There are about 770,000 children age under 16 in the UK with disability, out of a population of 11.8 million children. This is equivalent to 6% of the child population 
Only 17% of disabled people were born with disabilities 
Majority (83%) of disabled people acquire their disability during their working lives 

Acquired Brain Injury is the largest cause of disability among the working age population 

Majority of impairments are not visible less than 8% of disabled people use wheelchairs 
It is estimated that there are 1.2 million wheelchair users in England. Some 825,000 are regular users of NHS wheelchair services 
Only 28% of wheelchair users are under 60 

Disability is strongly related to age 2.1% of 16-19 year old are recorded as having a disability; 31% for those between the ages of 50-59 years; and 78% of people aged 85or over 
There are about 1.5 million nearly 3 in 100 in the UK who have a learning disability. Just 1 in 3 people with a learning disability take part in some form of education ortraining 

About 200 babies are born every week with a learning disability 

People are more likely to become disabled if they have a low income, are out of work or have low educational qualifications 
15% of young disabled people are not in any form of education,employment or training as opposed to 7% of their non-disabled peers. The gap increases between the agesof 16 19 to two thirds as likely (27% compared to 9%) 

21% of disabled people aged 16 24 have no qualifications,compared to 9% of their non-disabled peers 

The incidence and experience of disability differs by socio-economic status, gender, age, religion and ethnicity 

Disability also shows marked regional variations. While only 17%of households in the South East have one or more disabled adults under the pension age, in the NorthEast this rises to 27%